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  • Improve team and group interaction skills
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About Vicki...
About Vicki...
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Vicki L. Barnes
Author, Trainer, Speaker


The People Skills Series™ is a proven method that will help you succeed in developing potential, managing relationships effectively, and enhancing individual, team, and organizational performance through a simplified and user-friendly personality training concept.

If you work with people—whether as a professional trainer, sales manager, HR manager, speaker, teacher, team leader or church leader—and you need a new tool to energize your people and enhance their performance, The People Skill Series™ is for you!

Developed by professional trainer and educator, Vicki L. Barnes, this series has been tested and proven in corporate, educational, and non-profit settings. Vicki's expertise in relationship management, effective communication, and performance enhancement has brought a wealth of practical experience and effectiveness results to audiences around the world. She has combined her extensive background in individual, group, and team dynamics as well as her working knowledge of personality types, to make The People Skills Series™ a popular, practical tool for anyone who deals with people on any level!

Now you can be certified to use The People Skills Series™ to educate and help your group gain a working understanding of...

    • What motivates!
    • What matters!
    • What makes a difference!
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