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About Vicki...
About Vicki...
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Vicki L. Barnes
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Now you can gain the expertise you need to offer these skills to the people you work with or teach! Vicki Barnes is offering professional certification for use of The People Skills Series™ so that you, too, can have an effective and user-friendly tool to bring out the best in your employees, specialties groups, or students. Certification will allow you to maximize your operational budget by enabling you to conduct your own training within your time frame and organizational structure. Trainers, teachers, therapists, nonprofit group leaders, pastors, parents, and married couples have all enjoyed the benefits of new expertise using the People Skills Series™. Now you can, too!

Certification in the People Skills Series™ will give you-

  • Credibility in your workplace or leadership roles.
  • A practical, easy-to-use method for spontaneous or formal training.
  • An instant connection with your audience.
  • A dynamic interactive tool to deliver crucial relational information easily.
  • One year of consulting with Vicki Barnes to match your PSS™ materials to your audiences.
  • The right to use and distribute all People Skills Series™ Materials for one year following certification.

The People Skills Series™ will give your team or group-

  • Immediate grasp and buy-in of concepts and value.
  • A balanced understanding and recognition of individual and group dynamics.
  • A new language to use in promoting workable relationships.
  • A non-threatening approach to increased productivity and effectiveness.
  • A non-threatening, fun method of learning teamwork and respect.

Choose the type of certification that best suits your needs-

  • The Presenter Package
    A one day comprehensive personal instruction training.

  • The Corporate Package
    A one or two day training that can include onsite demonstration of topical interest such as team building, relationship management, customer service training.

Choose to become a Certified Personality Trainer (CPT) today!

Vicki Barnes will personally conduct your training and help you choose a certification package to meet your organization's budgetary and training needs! A discount will be offered to nonprofit and church groups.

Contact us today: VB@PeopleSkills4U.com






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