The People Skills Series™ is a method that allows anyone desiring to be more effective in connecting with people, a process to maximize interaction, increase people skills and produce sustainable performance results.  

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About Vicki...
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What are the benefits of understanding personality types?
What if I am not a professional trainer, how can it help me to become certified in the People Skills Series™?
What makes The People Skills Series so unique?
How long will my certification be valid?

The foundation of the method is based on the Personality Type Indicator™. This instrument measures personality types and gives feedback about each type.

The Benefits of Understanding Personality Types:
  • Increased awareness of individual strengths and blind spots for each personality type
  • The task and relationship focus for each type
  • Ability to increase individual people skills
  • Understand communication styles of each of the personality types
  • Make customize connections with others
  • Gain insights into yourself and others
  • Learn the Key Success Factor for Successful interaction
    • Motives
    • What matters
    • What makes a difference
  • Understand how each personality type
    • Becomes
    • Relates
    • Achieves
    • Transitions

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If I am not a professional trainer, how can it help me to become certified in People Skills Series?

Because The People Skills Series™ is a practical tool that incorporates symbols and icons common in everyday life, it is easily understood and usable in a wide variety of settings. Though professional trainers find it extremely workable in formal presentations, the People Skills Series™ has gained wide popularity among parents, teachers, coaches, women's group leaders, pastors-even international audiences. It can be used in a corporate boardroom or around your dinner table to spark discussion and achieve sustainable results!

What makes People Skills Series™ so unique?

Incorporated into the series is a task/relationship component that reveals which performance environments or relational motivators are unique to you. It helps you understand the underlying resistors that prevent you from moving forward and the appealing hooks that move you toward resolution and productivity. These principles apply to all people whether they are corporate leaders, spouses, or children! Understanding them helps us work together in productive ways.

How long will my certification be valid?

Your certification will last for one year in which you can access ongoing consulting advice from Vicki Barnes about selecting People Skills Series™ materials for your group, and have all rights to use and distribute People Skills Series™ materials. Annual half-day re-certification is available to guarantee you the right to continue distribution each year.


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